Snyder Answered “Noncommittally” When Asked About Equal Pay Legislation, Only Pledged To “Explore The Issue Further.” According to MLive, “But Democrats have blasted Republicans for also failing to create an atmosphere that is more friendly to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population. Female workers are another group. The GOP has refused to consider so-called ‘equal pay’ legislation aimed closing gaps in salary between the sexes. Megan Smith attended Thursday’s event, and asked Snyder how he felt about women earning, on average, less pay than men in Michigan. Snyder admitted he has seen little movement in the legislature to address the matter, but responded — noncommittally — in support of exploring the issue further. ‘We should be open to discussing what the facts are and try to create opportunities for women to be able to work up the income and earn more pay,’ Snyder said.” [MLive, 8/22/13]