Lilly Ledbetter Act

Gillespie Defended Mitt Romney’s Opposition To The Lilly Ledbetter Act. According to the Associated Press, “Romney had also been careful not to take a position against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. That bill, the first Obama signed as president, requires employers to prove that differences in pay are related to qualifications, not to gender; it also allows more time for employees to sue employers if they are discriminated against. Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said Tuesday night that Romney had opposed the Ledbetter legislation all along but, a day later, the aide said he had been wrong.” [Associated Press, 10/18/12]

Pay Equity Study

Gillespie Defended Dick Armey’s Opposition To A Bill That Proposed A Pay Equity Study, Which Was Supported By Most Major Women’s Groups. According to the Associated Press, “Conservative lawmakers, brushing aside charges of sexism, say they’ll use an avalanche of amendments to bury a House bill that proposes to study whether women in the federal work force are victims of pay discrimination. The ‘pay equity’ study, supported by most major women’s groups and opposed by the Reagan administration, is one of the first items of business Congress is expected to consider soon after reconvening this week. […] But the leaders of the opposition, Rep. Richard Armey, R-Texas, and Dan Burton, R-Ind., say the bill is a step toward artificially measuring the comparable worth of all jobs. […] We’ve pared that number down considerably, but our intention this time will be to force the House to hear another view on the matter before voting on the issue,’ said Armey’s press secretary, Ed Gillespie. Under its rules, the House must set aside 10 minutes of debate and allow a vote for each amendment that is germane to the bill’s topic. ‘We don’t necessarily expect to defeat the bill,’ Gillespie said. ‘Our intention is to raise enough votes to show we can sustain a presidential veto and to show the Senate there is substantial opposition to the idea.’” [Associated Press, 9/4/85]